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our values

"Promoting interreligious dialogue  in order to build a Culture of Peace."


The action of the CSCB is inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi who, among other things, is regarded as the precursor of "the interreligious dialogue".




During his entire life announced the message of love and hope contained in the Bible. He fervently promoted peace and also solidarity with the poor and marginalized. He called upon all people to love each other, but also to respect each of God's creatures and respecting the environment in which we live.

 We believe that each of us can become a builder of a "culture of peace".
.. in our daily life !

how do we achieve it ?...

2 main actions :


 1   Understand that “peace” is not just about 
"becoming pally with everybody".

"Peace", is about learning how to love and forgive :

- no peace without forgiveness
- no forgiveness without love

            Improving our knowledge of the major sacred texts, in order to deepen the understanding

of our cultural diversity .

And also, in order to better understand the origin of the world's most critical issues, because :

“Understanding the past

is the key to better manage the future”

"Lord, make me an instrument

of your peace..."

Prayer of Saint Francis


Born in 1182 in Assisi (Italy)

Death in 1226 in Assisi


Philippe Baudassé


CSCB President


Emmanuel Navarro



Project design


Operational marketing 

Father Louis Hurault+

Co author/translator of the

"Christian community Bible "

Our history

A great team work !

2008 :

Two long-time friends (Philippe Baudassé & Emmanuel Navarro) share a common desire to make a contribution in this great and fragile project : World Peace.

A finding :

Religions much more often divide people than gathering them. 


Thus was born a project :

Creating educational and non-proselyte multimedia tools, that enable people to discover on their own the major sacred texts,  with full respect for everyone's free will.

Strongly supported by the Father Louis Hurault+ , and with no experience in this area, no money for making this happen, they seek support from financial sponsors and all kinds of professionals involved in the creation of multimedia tools.

It is in that same spirit of solidarity, all those professionals have reduced to a minimum their production costs so that this project may become a reality.


By the same process,  some media personalities have been contacted to join this project, so that they can give more visibility to it. It was the same for some partnerships.


Thus was born the :

Committee of Support Click on the Bible (CSCB) 


 Today , our multimedia tools

are distributed all over the World !


Our  achievements 

Educational and non-proselyte

Our multimedias achievements have been created from "La Bible des Peuples" (in print format), which is the Catholic Bible the most distributed worldwide : 

70 million copies translated into over fifteen languages. 

(English translation: The Christian Community Bible) 


This Bible is UNIQUE :

Thanks to its explanatory notes, 
the Bible’s message becomes easy to understand ! 

2011 et 2012 :  World first   !

The CSCB created the first-ever Catholic Bible in eBook format : "La Bible des Peuples" followed by

" The Christian community Bible " 

2008 : 

The CSCB created an unprecedented CD-ROM introducing the Bible

as a Heritage of humanity for peace.

(French speaking content)

More than 30 000 copies distributed (France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg...)

Exclusive ditribution licence : CSCB

ebook - La Bible des Peuples - Download Bible - Committee of Support Click on the Bible - CSCB - Peace
ebook - Christian Community Bible- Download Bible - Committee of Support Click on the Bible - CSCB - Peace

 2012 :  The CSCB gave away 12 000 copies of its CD-ROM to Ivory Coast-Africa via "Fonds d'Action Saint-Viateur" (General  interest French association providing an Humanitarian Aid as well as an educational and economic development to Ivory Coast -Africa )


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ebook - La Bible des Peuples - Download Bible - Committee of Support Click on the Bible - CSCB - Peace
ebook - Christian Community Bible- Download Bible - Committee of Support Click on the Bible - CSCB - Peace
CSCB - ebook - Christian Community Bible - Download Bible - Committee of Support Click on the Bible - Peace

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